Where your Customer Data is stored

Location of Customer Data

Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Power BI operated by 21Vianet are built on the premise that for you to control your Customer Data in the cloud, you require visibility into that data. You must also know, through clearly stated and readily available policies and procedures, how we help secure your Customer Data, who can access it and under what circumstances. And you can review the third-party audits and certifications.


21Vianet operates Azure, Office 365 and Power BI services in datacenters located exclusively in mainland China. The services are physically and logically entirely isolated from Microsoft Cloud services in other regions of the world. With adoption of the same Azure, Office 365 and Power BI technology that powers Microsoft’s global Azure, Office 365 and Power BI services, the services in China provides comparable service level to customers. Customer Data, applications processing the Customer Data and datacenters hosting Azure, Office 365 and Power BI are all located in mainland China. Datacenters in east China and north China, with the distance apart over 1000 km, maintain multiple copies of Customer Data for redundancy, in order to support business continuity of these Azure, Office 365 and Power BI services.

In terms of network connection, Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Power BI operated by 21Vianet are connected to provincial level core network nodes of various mainstream carriers (China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile) by BGP and offer high-speed and stable network experience for users. Datacenters in east China and north China adopt the same address broadcast and BGP routing strategy. Users can use a nearby service in one of these two datacenters to achieve the best network performance experience.

Both datacenters are located in Chinese telecom carriers’ top level datacenters and adopt N+1 or 2N uninterrupted power supply protection for energy saving. Additionally, a high power diesel generator provides back-up power supply, guaranteed by onsite diesel storage and diesel supply of a nearby gas station. The computer rooms in the datacenters are equipped with elevated floor and closed cold aisle, which form a highly efficient cooling cycle with back-end refrigeration system, refrigerator, cooling tower and ice pool, providing a stable and suitable environment for servers operating in the computer room. The computer room is also equipped with central ventilation system which could reduce the PUE in the computer room to the largest extent when the weather conditions are suitable.


Azure customers may specify the region(s) of the datacenters in which Customer Data will be stored.


China (East)
China (North)

21Vianet may transfer Customer Data between regions for data redundancy or other purposes. For example, Azure replicates Storage content between two regions within China for enhanced data durability in case of a major datacenter disaster.

Office 365

Office 365 customers have their Customer Data stored and replicated in datacenters located in mainland China.

21Vianet will store Customer Data, such as Exchange Online mailbox content, in both datacenters in case of a major datacenter incident.

Our suppliers (including Microsoft, which provides the Azure, Office 365 and Power BI technology on which our services run) do not have logical or physical access to Customer Data. In limited circumstances, we may authorize a supplier to access systems containing Customer Data when necessary to help troubleshoot a customer support incident or address technical issues. We will grant such access only for the duration necessary to resolve the issue. We carefully monitor the access given and terminate the access when the issue is resolved.

We do not control or limit the geographic locations from which customers or their end users may access Customer Data.